Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mother Tongue Theatre Project with Visiting Artist Margaret Laurena Kemp


Mothertongue Theatre Project Collaboration and Performance Project with Visiting Artist Margaret Laurena Kemp

Margaret Laurena Kemp tours her new play A Negro Speaks of Rivers Cape Town, South Africa.

A three month collaboration to create, present and teach theatre that combines artistry of professional and community collaborators.

The work will bring people of many ages, cultures and levels of theatrical experience together to bridge divisions within diverse communities in the participants own homes.

.... giving voice to communities who have been silenced by shame, experience, economic, political and cultural divisions.

Our Focus

  • Land and Water Use and Its Link to Urban Violence

  • Tolerance (as it relates to homophobic violence)

  • Water and the Refugee Experience

Our Background Stories

A Negro Speaks of Rivers, by Margaret Laurena Kemp ( Land, Water and Violence)

Before there was an epidemic of violence, there was an epidemic withdrawal of resources (land and water) from urban communities. This principal mechanism for locking millions of out of the mainstream of society and into poverty.

Women, Walking and Water, by Mothertongue Project w/ Margaret Laurena Kemp ( Refugees Voice )

Africa is the continent which experiences the greatest proportional incidence of death from water related diseases... Africa is also the continent which is making slowest progress towards meeting the MDG in water and sanitation… On the basis of the existing rate of progress, the HSRC has made a preliminary estimate that (if current demographic trends remain constant) it will take another 45 years or to 2035 for the continent as a whole to achieve the MDG

Creative Instructions..., by Margaret Laurena Kemp (Tolerance GLTB)

Noxolo Nogwaza was found murdered on April 24, 2011, in a vicious attack that seems to have been motivated by her sexual orientation. Nogwaza's face and head were completely disfigured by stoning, she was stabbed several times with broken glass, and the evidence suggests that she was raped. A beer bottle, a large rock, and used condoms were found on and near her body.

The Magnet Theatre in Observatory on 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 October

Margaret Laurena Kemp will collaborate with The Mother Tongue Project to create a new work that uses a physical approach

to theatre/storytelling to facilitate exploring stories of women, walking and water. These meta-mythical narratives will be drawn from East and Southern Africa.

In creating this new work she will share her expertise in Fitzmaurice Voicework and The Michael Chekhov Technique as applied to play development and rehearsal. These are the same practices she uses to create her own work. At the end of the residency The Mothertongue Project will have a new original work new creative techniques that will be the lasting legacy of the residency.

The Impact

-Create dialogue in the community in a neutral setting
-Give voice to community who has too long been silences
-Provide creative tools that the participants can continue to use heal them selves
-Viral Videos that capture the imagination and opens the hearts of globe

Who we are working with

Mother Tongue Project in Collaboration with Margaret Laurena Kemp
will work with...
Gender Dynamix
The Lawrence House