Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you all for supporting my work in South Africa. I taught a lot and I learned a lot more. In the next few days I will be archiving my posts from South Africa and replacing them with pages detailing all the work I did during the past 3 months. You will hear from me personally regarding live presentations that I will make to discuss the trip. I hope that I will have many and you will be able to attend at least one! Good news! The journey is not over. A Negro Speaks of Rivers will be touring the U.S and beyond. Tour dates will be posted here. During my last two days I was had the opportunity to take enjoy Cape Town. One thing no one told me about is the great number of beautiful flowers that you can find....the city is garden of are some of the images I captured.
A random act of beauty...I saw on a walk
Another random act of beauty...
A Protea at Kirstenbosch Gardens
Girls in Trees a different type of natural beauty
Me and a Giant Protea...The Protea is South African's National Flower